Epic Stories - Migration

On Leaving by
David Monahan

To coincide with the opening of EPIC Ireland, The chq Building is proud to be hosting David Monahan’s acclaimed photo exhibition ‘On Leaving’ from 15th May to 4th June 2016.

David Monahan will be in attendance for the official opening if this exhibit on Friday 20th May at 5.30PM. This is the first time all three strands of Monahan’s ambitious project have been displayed together in Dublin.

This work by Dublin born Monahan is a visual testament to the flow of people from Ireland after the financial crash of 2008/2009, and gives provides an insight into the latest chapter of Ireland’s long and storied history with emigration.

“Those faces. Differing ethnicities and ages. Single, couples, families. Determined, resigned, hopeful, fearful, joyful, insouciant, pensive, chirpy, devil-may-care, uncertain, angry. What do they have in common? In one sentence, they are about to leave.” PIARAS MACÉINRÍ

In 2010 David Monahan invited people emigrating from Dublin to participate in his LEAVING DUBLIN project. Its success in articulating the feelings of the everyday losses and gains associated with emigration has led to the work being locally and internationally recognised. It is a significant artistic contribution to the conversation around the latest wave of emigration from Ireland.

This exhibition stands alone in its depth of treatment of this subject, which is examined in detail in a collaborative manner by working closely with over 120 people on the cusp of a life changing and transformative movement. The book of this work has been acclaimed by the print industry as the best printed book in Ireland of 2015 and will be available to purchase during the exhibition.