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Bantry’s Barry heading
up CNN bureaus

Samantha Barry‘s ascent through broadcast news has been both incredibly quick and successful, as Patrick Kelleher writes in this extract from part three of our special magazine with the Irish Independent.

SAMANTHA BARRY works at CNN in the United States as Executive Producer for Social and Emerging Media. Born in Bantry, Co Cork, Barry works at the highest echelons of CNN after a long and distinguished career in journalism and media.

After finishing her undergraduate degree at UCC in English and Psychology, and her Masters in Journalism at Dublin City University, she launched a highly successful journalistic career.

Barry has worked in over 25 countries across the world, beginning in Ireland, where she launched her career with RTÉ and Newstalk. She has also worked for BBC News, Vizibee, Intermedia and the Australian Broadcasting Authority before she was headhunted by global news outlet CNN.

Today, she is based in New York, but still spends time travelling. In 2016, she became a fellow of Columbia University School’s Sulzberger executive program and is a guest lecturer at Yale University.

Today, Barry leads social teams at all CNN bureaus, and works with the CNN Digital leadership in its editorial strategy. Her teams span across publishing, news gathering, digital and TV.

Her career is more important than ever as CNN works to expand its audience through social media. She is also working at the news outlet’s helm at a time when news is changing rapidly, and major news organisations must diversify and change their outlook to generate users. Barry is at the helm of this process globally.

The Cork woman has come a long way in her 34 years, and if her career so far is anything to go by, she will continue to make an impact across the world as a hugely influential journalist.